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Linear space multi-chip carrier 》

Le lointain fabrique d’ailleurs des miniatures en tous les points de l’horizon. Le rêveur, devant ses spectacles de la nature lointaine, détache ces miniatures comme autant de nids de solitude où il rêve de vivre.
La poétique de l'espace,Gaston Bachelard.

While you stand on the shore, looking up.All organisms and still life become floating solitons, and the rich vision is like the diversity of a planet. A series of nests and extended fungi represent clusters of settlements and individual clusters, which are the collection of villages and people.
The monomers of life only create synesthetic feelings when combined with nature, constantly accumulating and stacking, like a record after the passage of time. The daily experience of everyone is a continuous image, passing through the white screen of space, coming here to feel the quietness and stability of life, adding spiritual yearning to the life with heart.
Brown color is a state of eternal life, seeking inner stillness in the radiance and hurry of every color, and that point of light from the monochromatic structure, finding the Lord of the world, the infinite man, at every moment of gaze.



面對這些帶有遠距性質的自然景象,夢者揀選這些微型,做為他夢想著⽣生活在裡頭的如許孤寂之巢。 ______________ 加斯東.空間詩學。


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